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Relaxing Back Massage

Our Massage Treatments

Traditional Thai Massage

Experience this ancient traditional Thai energetic massage done without the use of oils. Rather than rubbing or sliding you will be massaged by compression, pulling, stretching and bending in assisted yoga positions. Choose from Medium to firm pressure. Finger tips, hands, palms and elbows are used during the massage. We recommend 90 minutes for a full body massage with focus on your tense areas.

Relaxation/ Deep Tissue Oil Massage

This massage gets right into your tight areas with firm pressure. Bringing you relief of muscle tension. Similar to a sports massage our Thai deep tissue massage will get you back on your feet and ready for action. A deep firm and relaxing massage that includes hot stone.

Remedial Massage

Similar to a deep tissue or sports massage where the pressure is adjusted accordingly. A massage remedy put together to suit you, focusing on your problem areas. With the aid of oil and balms, this massage will have you back in action to face your days ahead.

Foot Massage

Done with massage creams and oils. Enjoy a cup of tea, put your feet up and relax while we massage your aches and pains away.

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